Audio Production Trivia

We research every book to create a unique, full-immersion

experience for audiobook lovers.

What makes Narration Station productions unique? 

     Unlike most audiobook narrators who have limited audio engineering training, we are a mother/son team with professional-grade recording equipment, years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, and multiple audiobooks under our belts.  We do more than just read a book out loud.  Lorri is a seasoned actor, vocalist, and narrator.  Matt is also an experienced actor and audio engineer.

My Narration Station partners with Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) and Findaway Voices.  Our audiobooks are distributed to the Amazon Audible and Apple iTunes apps.


  • In the audiobook industry, a short story is 20,000 words or less / 1-2 hours of edited audio.


  • A novella is between 20,000 and 40,000 words / 1-4 hours of edited audio.


  • A novel is any work over 40,000 words / 4 hours or more of edited audio.

  • To date, our shortest audiobook project was 30 minutes long, with a single primary character.


  • Our longest audiobook was 14+ hours long, with over 60 characters.


  • The average length of our audiobooks is 6 hours. 


  • Stories with multiple sound effects require additional editing time.


  • It takes approximately 1 hour in the recording booth to record 5,000 words.


  • Each hour (5,000 words) of raw recorded audio requires 4 hours of editing work.