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  • Lorri Heneveld

Lorri Heneveld established the Narration Station business in October 2017.  She is professionally affiliated with Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX) and Findaway VoicesListeners describe Lorri's voice as smooth, engaging, authoritative, and versatile.  Her natural speaking tone is medium-low, warm, and soothing.  Matt Heneveld, Lorri's son, serves as Narration Station's audio engineer, editor, and producer.  If the scene calls for it, Matt adds subtle sound effects and vocal nuances during the post-production phase of editing. 


Lorri develops and improves her voice acting skills by working with world-renowned dialect coach Dr. David Allen Stern PhD [Dialect Accent Specialists].  She continues to add more accents to her repertoire every year.  She has provided voices for many diverse characters during her audiobook career; children, young adults, middle-aged, elderly, robots, and aliens.  She is especially fond of stories with strong female protagonist characters. 

Lorri's Dialects & Accents                                                         





British-Received Pronunciation (RP)



Middle Eastern


  • "Ascent of the Conestoga: Book 7 in 'The Colony Ship Conestoga' series" 

  • "Defending the Vanguard: Book 7 in 'The Colony Ship Vanguard' series" 

  • "Don't Give Up"

  • "Eos:  Book 1 in the Eos Dawn Series"

  • "Forever, Alaska"

  • "The History of Marijuana and Society"

  • "How to Survive Depression:  Book 1 in the 'How to Survive'  series" 

  • "Jesus Christ:  The Life and History of Our Savior"

  • "Last Flight of the Conestoga: Book 8 of 'The Colony Ship Conestoga' series"

  • "My Mental Madness Memoir"

  • "Remnant"

  • "Split Second Success"

  • "Sundance:  Secrets in Sturgis"

  • "What Are the Odds?"

  • "The Woman in the Mirror"