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Audiobook Narrator


  • Lorri Heneveld

Lorri is a retired schoolteacher, who finally has time to pursue her hobbies.  She produces 4-6 audiobooks per year, and is professionally affiliated with Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).  Listeners describe Lorri's voice as smooth, engaging, authoritative, and versatile.  Her natural speaking tone is medium-low, warm, and soothing.

She continually develops her performance skills by working with world-renowned dialect coach Dr. David Allen Stern Ph.D. [Dialect Accent Specialists].  


She has provided voices for many diverse characters during her audiobook career; children, young adults, middle-aged, elderly, animals, robots, aliens, and artificial intelligence beings.  She is especially fond of multi-book series, and stories with strong female protagonist characters.  She also enjoys singing and drumming in Fairbanks and North Pole music venues. 

Lorri's Specialty Dialects & Accents                                                         



British-Received Pronunciation (RP)


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  • "Ascent of the Conestoga: Book 7 in 'The Colony Ship Conestoga' series" 

  • "Defending the Vanguard: Book 7 in 'The Colony Ship Vanguard' series" 

  • "Don't Give Up"

  • 'The Eos Dawn' series: 

    • Book 1 - "Eos"

    • Book 2 - "Fortitude"

    • Book 3 - "Dawn"

  • "Forever, Alaska"

  • "The History of Marijuana and Society"

  • "How to Survive Depression:  Book 1 in the 'How to Survive'  series" 

  • "Jesus Christ:  The Life and History of Our Savior"

  • "Last Flight of the Conestoga: Book 8 of 'The Colony Ship Conestoga' series"

  • "My Mental Madness Memoir"

  • 'The Reba Rose Psychic Mystery' series: 

    • Book 1 - "Handy One"

  • "Remnant"

  • "Split Second Success"

  • "Sundance:  Secrets in Sturgis"

  • "What Are the Odds?"

  • "The Woman in the Mirror"

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