Audio Engineer and Audiobook Producer

Audio Engineer & 

Audiobook Producer


  • Matt Heneveld

Matt Heneveld (Lorri's son) serves as Narration Station's Audio Engineer and Audiobook Producer.  He owns Introvox Media, LLC and Schrodinger Studio, located in North Pole, Alaska.  Matt received academic training in Music Composition and Audio Engineering at Montana State University-Bozeman. 


The studio is named after one of Matt's heroes - Austrian physicist Erwin Schrodinger.  The recording space includes a control console and an isolation booth.  Matt adds special sound effects and vocal nuances during the post-production phase, to add authenticity to the story's physical setting, as well as emphasize characters' personalities and vocal qualities. 


His first official "paid gig" was recording an audiobook for his mom.  Since then, he has expanded his media business to include composing ambiance music, producing training videos for YouTube, and recording and editing music tracks for musicians. 



  • Microphone:  797 Audio Condenser 1

  • Hardware:  Macintosh MacBook Pro

  • Software:  Logic Pro X

  • Interface:  Focusrite Clarett 2 Pre-amp